As a former member of the West Chicago School Board and having spent many years working in schools, I understand the importance of education and believe that it is a fundamental building block for our society. Education has the ability to transform individuals and give them the space to grow and flourish. I am committed to fighting for funding that is equitable and adequate for our school districts because our youth and families deserve the investment of a quality education. Education at every level is critical, so I will work towards expanding early childhood education and making it more accessible for our families.I also believe that it is extremely important to invest in higher education and vocational training so that college can be accessible to all. A quality education should be accessible to all students at every level and educators need support and resources to continue helping our students grow.


Every person should have the right to access affordable and quality healthcare. I have worked to support lowering medication costs and making healthcare more affordable, and I will continue working towards making healthcare something that can be accessed by all. I believe that it is unacceptable for individuals to have to choose between paying their bills and paying for essential services. The financial burden of healthcare has taken control over so many lives and I will fight to break down these barriers by working towards a public option for healthcare that will drive down costs and increase competition among service providers. I will also fight for women’s health. I have supported legislation that protects women’s care during pregnancy and childbirth and also legislation that supports comprehensive reproductive rights for women. Healthcare must be equitable for all individuals and provide services for mental health, addictions treatments and the LGBTQ community. 

Immigrant Rights

Immigrants are essential members of our society, working hard as teachers, doctors, lawyers, psychologists, business owners and overall working to create a stronger community. I believe that our society is stronger because of our immigrant community and I will fight to protect the rights of immigrants and work towards keeping Illinois as a safe place for all to live. I believe that working to create an attainable path to permanency is crucial for our immigrant families. I also believe that our immigrant students should have equal opportunities to education and I will fight to make higher education accessible for these students. As your State Senator, I will fight for comprehensive immigration reform because our immigrant communities deserve to be valued and respected. 


As we plan for the future of Illinois, it is critical to think about the protection of our environment. I believe that our state must lead the charge on reducing emissions, protecting our natural resources, and fighting climate change head on. I have supported legislation to increase accountability for nuclear power plants and protect our communities from coal ash. I believe that Illniois has the capacity to become a national leader for environmental protection and climate change protection. Our communities deserve to have a safe home that will be protected for generations to come.