Through the snow, rain, and heat, Karina knocked on thousands of doors, meeting constituents and hearing their concerns. These interactions have led to many legislative efforts including mental health advocacy, small business support, protections for manufacturing workers, and much more. 


We can’t plan for Illinois’s future without planning for our environment. Green job creation and green infrastructure investment have been and always will be a top priority of mine in office. Illinois has the capacity to be a national leader in the fight against climate change, we need elected officials to bring sensible solutions and policy to the table. Our communities deserve to have clean environments that will be protected for generations to come.

Small Business

Small businesses are the backbone of our local economies and support working families throughout the district—they’ve also been the ones hit the hardest by the pandemic. I was proud to fight for the passage of the Business Interruption Grant in Springfield at the height of the pandemic, and I will proudly continue fighting to get small businesses back on their feet. United, I firmly believe that Illinois’s business owners can emerge from this pandemic even stronger than they entered.


With the impact of COVID-19, we have seen just how important it is to create affordable and quality healthcare for everyone. Which is why I worked tirelessly to bring forward legislative efforts that would protect essential workers in manufacturing and organized specific COVID-19 testing and vaccination sites within the 25th district. Moving forward, my plan for Illinois’s healthcare is to:


Our schools are the foundation of our communities. As a former West Chicago School Board Member and a social worker, I understand this from experience. You can always count on me to fight for:


Our seniors deserve to be honored and protected for building the communities we’ve all grown up in. I am who I am today because of the life lessons instilled in me by my parents and grandparents. My promise to you is that


We have a diverse community, here in the 25th district and my legislative efforts pertain to all individuals. Immigrant families have been working hard to establish roots within our district and we see them as doctors, teachers, social workers, business owners and so much more. I believe our society is much stronger because of the immigrant community and these are just a few ideas on how i plan to serve the immigrant community: 

Providing an attainable path to citizenship

Making higher education more accessible to marginalized communities

Creating tools that are necessary for success to immigrant college students.

Fighting for Comprehensive Immigration Reform to bring opportunity and respect to the immigrant community.

2021 Elections

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