Demanding Property Tax Relief

While Springfield politicians have failed to deliver property tax relief, Villa will fight to freeze property taxes, and she’ll go further by supporting efforts to cut property taxes for middle-class families, and provide relief for seniors and veterans.


Decisions about education are being made by Illinois politicians who have little grasp on what it takes to provide opportunities to address the unmet needs of students in Illinois. Villa has spent more than a decade in the public school system and is prepared to correct the funding formula, reform our schools, expand access to child care, and protect student loan borrowers.
Standing Up for Common-Sense Gun Safety

Tragic mass shootings like those in Las Vegas and Sandy Hook were carried out using deadly, military-style assault rifles. Villa is outraged at this senseless violence and will stand up to the NRA and their extreme agenda. She will fight for common-sense gun laws that will keep our communities safer, including a ban on military-style assault rifles like .50 caliber machine guns, requiring universal background checks, and banning devices used to make semi-automatic weapons operate like automatic weapons.

Standing Up for Our Health

Villa will stand up against Donald Trump’s reckless plans to strip health care away from millions of women, children, and seniors, only to hand out tax breaks for the extremely wealthy. While Trump wages a war on women’s health, Villa will fight to protect funding for Planned Parenthood and provide access to critical women’s health services like birth control and cancer screenings.