As your state senator, I will fight for issues that are important to you!

~ Karina Villa

Strengthening Illinois’ Public Educational System

Education is a fundamental building block for our society. By building a robust and equitable education system from pre-K to graduation day, we will ensure that every student has the tools they need to live a fulfilling and productive life. Education is a key to social mobility and money spent on education reduces the taxpayers’ cost of remedial and corrective services.  I have spent more than 15 years in the public education system.  I have seen how focusing on the early years of children’s lives is the best investment we can make as a society in ensuring their future success. I have also seen how inequitable school funding can be.  I will fight for adequate and equitable school funding.  I am committed to ensuring all our schools are the highest possible quality. I will fight to expand access to pre-K education and work to make Illinois colleges and vocational training obtainable for all.

Standing Up for Our Healthcare, Seniors, and Social Services

Our healthcare system is under attack and I believe universal healthcare is a fundamental human right.  While health insurance is too expensive for many and too many Illinoisans still do not have access to care, the newly passed Republican tax bill threatens to strip health care away from hundreds of thousands of people in Illinois.    I will fight for a public option for healthcare which will increase competition and drive down costs.  We need to provide access to critical women’s health services like birth control and cancer screenings. Healthcare needs to provide equitable treatment for the LGBTQ community and encompass treatments for addiction, mental health services, and emergency services.

Creating a Government and an Economy for Working Families

Governor Bruce Rauner’s failure to enact a state budget for over two years caused the deficit to dramatically increase by billions of dollars while core human services were slashed and jobs critical to the health and safety of Illinois residents were lost.

Our citizens deserve to have fiscally responsible leadership. To fix the state’s financial woes, lower property taxes, and adequately fund services and schools, Illinois needs a tax structure that is fair to the middle class.  Illinois needs a progressive income tax.

I also believe that if special tax breaks for large corporations and special interests are eliminated and if we reduce red tape and stop anti-competitive practices, small businesses will thrive. To build a strong Illinois economy, we must protect and enhance worker’s rights by supporting organized labor, increasing the minimum wage, and providing for paid family leave.

We need a state government that is transparent and represents everyone. To ensure our elections are fair, we need to get big money out of elections, curb gerrymandering by using independent and non-partisan methods, and make it easier for people to vote.

If we focus on creating an inclusive government, have everyone pay their fair share, stop subsidizing special interests, and govern within our means, then together we can create a compassionate, thriving, prosperous State of Illinois.

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